Who we are

Submitted by sohl.weber on Fri, 03/10/2023 - 17:31

Finpiemonte is the in-house finance agency of Regione Piemonte, established by Regional Law on July 26, 2017 mandated to sustain the regional competitiveness of the regional ecosystem.

It is capital it is owned 100% by public: Piedmont Region holds over 99 % of the capital; the remaining capital is held by minority public shareholders, Local Authorities and Chambers of Commerce.

Finpiemonte core activity is the set-up and management of funding schemes and programmes, as well as the conduction of strategic projects in support to regional innovation and economic development.

Finpiemonte supports the regional territory acting as:

  • Intermediate Body for the ERDF and ESF funds, acting in synergy with organisations that manage the national and european programmes, with a special focus on financial instruments
  • Development agency, managing strategic and advisory activities in support of the regional economic and innovation system
  • Investor with its own assets, with the objective to maximize the leverage and spillover effects on the region