Project start 01/01/2017 Project end 01/01/2020
Status Completed Contacts


Submitted by anna.zampolini on Tue, 03/14/2023 - 11:46

The Alpsib project was aimed to support the capacity development of public and private organisations to accelerate social impact investments (SII) and focused especially on social impact bonds (SIB).

The AlpSib project addressed mainly NEETs (young people not in education, employment or training) and seniors’ needs by introducing innovative solutions. 

The current economic and social crisis has been challenging traditionally established patterns in the social sector. Limited financial resources cannot satisfy the growing needs of the social sector, among which ageing population, increasing number of NEETs, greater need for health services etc. 
Growing societal challenges are calling for social innovation and for a new social economy approach, which should connect the public-private-third sectors. 

 Project was set to design new solutions for NEETs and seniors through transnational co-creative labs, and develop, through advisory boards of policy makers, a joint approach to social impact investments.

Among the main deliverables of the project:

Project focus
Promotion of the Social Economy
Role of Finpiemonte
Project partner
Funding Programme
Interreg Alpine Space Programme
Project Partners
• Municipality of Pordenone / IT
• Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences / AT
• Institute for Economic Research (IER) / SI
• Regional Development Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region / SI
• Eckert School / DE
• Public Interest Group Training and Professional Insertion Academy of Nice / FR
• Next Level Association / IT
• Valle d’Aosta Region / IT
• Pordenone Technology Center / IT
• Finpiemonte / IT
• Bwcon GmbH / DE
• Nice Metropolitan city / FR
• Home care services network, in French region of Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur / FR
• Augsburg / DE
• Municipality of Pordenone / IT